Friday, 4 May 2012

The Green Mile

Once in a while a truly life changing brilliant movie is released. It makes you think about your own life and how it's related, the script resonates with you and even may help you in your own life.

I was watching the Green Mile last night, I love the character of John Coffey. He is portrayed as a simple man and yet he's actually the most intelligent man in the whole film in my opinion. He truly see's the world for what it is. Of course there is kindness in the world however it is dominated by an overwhelming Amount of evil, pain and suffering. Our world is not a nice place to live and I don't think many people even realise this. Even know what goes on in the world. They See everything through rose tinted goggles.

I know people in the armed forces, in the police force and work in a hospital,
intensive care etc. The stories you hear..

Watching Green Mile made me realise so many things about myself. Because of what's happened to me and the people I've met who have been through similar, I am under no illusion as to the true nature of the world. And I'm thankful for that wisdom. It also makes me truly grateful and amazed when I do see kindness, it's magical to see.

Something John Coffey says really hit home, I quote:

'He killed them with their love. That's how it is; everyday all over the world.' ~John Coffey.

He's referring to the character who raped and murdered the two little girls. But the way I heard it, he was referring to me and my abuser. I knew my abuser and was trying to help him through a tough time he was having, only now do I realise he used this as a manipulation tool. Used my good nature and kindness to hook me in before taking what he took. I often describe being R'd as being murdered yet still living. It feels like he killed me with my kindness. Killed me with my love. And John Coffey is damn right, this happens all over the world every single day. In sexual violence over 90% is committed by someone the person knew and a large majority of that are In relationships!!

Evil people use love and kindness to commit their acts. They prey on it.

I'm starting to think we would all be much wiser and safer to not love at all.

Do only fools love??


Haven't posted in a while, going to try to make more of an effort to write here. My iPhone broke which used to make it a lot easier for me to quickly update my blog, now it's been fixed :-) I receive so many kind messages from people saying wonderful things about y blog and how it helps them. I am sorry to all those who feel let down by the lack of posts. I'm back. And here to keep writing, keep helping myself and others.

Thank you all so much for sticking with me!

It's good to be back :-)