Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Autumns Haunt (2yr anniversary) :(

Green leaves are losing colour
Another year has come and gone
Brown and shrivelled
Dance their way to the ground
Here they lie
Here they die
Another year come and gone

And I'm right
Back to autumn
Collapsed on your cloud
And I'm free
Into that night
Under the blue walls

Can you here me screaming
You're the reason my voice bleeds
My heart has gone from green to lifeless
Here I lie
Here I die
Another years come and gone.

And I'm right
Back to autumn
Collapsed on your cloud
And I'm free
Into that night
Under the blue walls

And I'll wait for the darkness end,
For brighter seasons to bring me back to life.
But in the light
Here I still lie
Here I still die
Another year come and gone

but nothing's changed at all.

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Always There

When you took everythingan unwanted gift remainedthe darkness and the painit's always there
When boiling waterrains down my bodycan't take away the factit's always there
When elusive laughterspreads across my faceim quickly brought backit's always there
When darkness fallsand sleep evadesI feel your touchit's always there
When silver flashesand the red river flowsonly numbs brieflyit's always there
When i forget for a seconda trigger breaks freeit comes back to meit's always there
When healing progressesIm two steps backYour gift weighs heavyit's always there
When life gets hecticthere's little time to thinkyet still somehowit's always there
When I'm called a survivorConfusions left behindHow is this surviving?it's always there
No matter how hardi try to move onit's always there...
...what's the point?

Friday, 8 June 2012

The Jar

On 7/1/2012 one of my best friends committed suicide. I had met him online years before, on a support forum, he was a fellow survivor.

Yesterday marked 6 months since his death and I still cannot accept the fact he's gone. It kills me everyday knowing I'll never hear his voice or see him again. I'm filled with anger at the people who hurt him, who made him think there was no way out, no hope.

I'm not a religious person, I don't really believe in life after death. But I do like to imagine he watches over me, it's a nice thought. I like to think of him as a butterfly, free from the darkness. I'm sure he's off flying somewhere, wings filled with all the colours of the rainbow. He had such a beautiful colourful heart.

I Wish I could be off flying with him.

I struggle with feeling suicidal myself and have previously attempted it, let's face it the world isn't exactly a nice place to live. But his death has shown me the pain it leaves behind. He didn't get rid of his pain he just transferred it onto me. I get angry with him about that sometimes but then again I'll take that pain if it means he is happy and at peace.

This drawing and poem is for my Penguin. For anyone who is feeling suicidal please seek help, call a helpline, anything. Death is so final, I have to believe there is always hope...

The Jar

Trapped inside
Wings folded tight
Darkness all consuming

The claws they grasp
Fog is swirling
Echos of screams is overwhelming

Hell's gates are closed
The fires deserted
The demons take residence here

Glass treasures the pain
The way is shut
Cruel taunt of life's design


Freedom Wings

Words breakaway
The pain i feel now you're gone
Taken too soon
Your shadow lingers in my light

I place no blame, the darkness is gone
Free from your jar
You're where you belong

Wish i could be in that perfect place
where you now reside
Flying free
Holding hands
I'm forever by your side


Friday, 4 May 2012

The Green Mile

Once in a while a truly life changing brilliant movie is released. It makes you think about your own life and how it's related, the script resonates with you and even may help you in your own life.

I was watching the Green Mile last night, I love the character of John Coffey. He is portrayed as a simple man and yet he's actually the most intelligent man in the whole film in my opinion. He truly see's the world for what it is. Of course there is kindness in the world however it is dominated by an overwhelming Amount of evil, pain and suffering. Our world is not a nice place to live and I don't think many people even realise this. Even know what goes on in the world. They See everything through rose tinted goggles.

I know people in the armed forces, in the police force and work in a hospital,
intensive care etc. The stories you hear..

Watching Green Mile made me realise so many things about myself. Because of what's happened to me and the people I've met who have been through similar, I am under no illusion as to the true nature of the world. And I'm thankful for that wisdom. It also makes me truly grateful and amazed when I do see kindness, it's magical to see.

Something John Coffey says really hit home, I quote:

'He killed them with their love. That's how it is; everyday all over the world.' ~John Coffey.

He's referring to the character who raped and murdered the two little girls. But the way I heard it, he was referring to me and my abuser. I knew my abuser and was trying to help him through a tough time he was having, only now do I realise he used this as a manipulation tool. Used my good nature and kindness to hook me in before taking what he took. I often describe being R'd as being murdered yet still living. It feels like he killed me with my kindness. Killed me with my love. And John Coffey is damn right, this happens all over the world every single day. In sexual violence over 90% is committed by someone the person knew and a large majority of that are In relationships!!

Evil people use love and kindness to commit their acts. They prey on it.

I'm starting to think we would all be much wiser and safer to not love at all.

Do only fools love??


Haven't posted in a while, going to try to make more of an effort to write here. My iPhone broke which used to make it a lot easier for me to quickly update my blog, now it's been fixed :-) I receive so many kind messages from people saying wonderful things about y blog and how it helps them. I am sorry to all those who feel let down by the lack of posts. I'm back. And here to keep writing, keep helping myself and others.

Thank you all so much for sticking with me!

It's good to be back :-)


Wednesday, 28 March 2012


Past couple of weeks i've been so scared about something approaching. Lots of things have been hard/going wrong lately, i've not been coping very well, drinking, SI and other not nice thoughts BUT I'm still here. Had a friend who's been very poorly and i keep trying tell myself i shouldn't moan about my problems.... but my problems just seem to be overwhelming me and this scary thing happening this week feels like that darn straw thats gonna go break my back.

I've been back at Uni since taking a year out after my r*. My r***st works at my local hospital, and im training to be a nurse, usually my work placements are at this hospital but i've specifically asked to go to this other hospital, a 45 minute drive out my way (when my local one is 5mins down the road) because i can't comprehend bumping into him, can't even think about being in the same building as him. Only now i find out... i'm gonna have too Posted Image

My nursing school is being moved to this hospital only is not opening officially until after i graduate in september. However because our school is so crowded they have moved a bunch of my classes lectures to this new school at the hospital. Monday first day im supposed to go. There are 9 lectures at the moment but i guessing gonna be more. They are real important i can't miss them, and could seriously affect me if i didn't go. Im so terrifed, even typing this im fighting hard to not go be sick. The school is on the edge of the hospital so i dont need to go into the main building. Im gonna drive in, park at the carpark next to the school and walk right in. The only chance i have of seeing him is when driving through the grounds. But even this alone is killing me. Just knowing i'll be in the same vicinity as him ... Posted Image i can't do it. How can i do? I have no idea how people on pandys cope who have to still regularly see their abusers, i have serious admiration for people who do!
Im scared of seeing him
im scared of being in his presence even if it is in a large hospital
Im scared of having a panic attack in front of my class
scared of fainting
being sick
running out

I can't breathe.

Monday, 28 November 2011

Happy Freakin' Birthday

Well today is my birthday. 23 years old.

This post is going to sound incredibly depressing but I really see no reason to celebrate another year that I'm alive. Frankly I'm disappointed. But the show must go on...

During tough times it would be lovely if time could just stand still. The phrase 'time waits for no one' is all too true! It would be so helpful if time could just wait for me to recover from this trauma and stop propelling me forwards through my life. The gap year from Uni I took due to this trauma ends in March and I'm dreading going back. I'm supposed to be working on my assignments now but how can I in this state?

If I had one wish for my birthday it would be for time to stand still until I have dealt with what's happened to me and much further along the healing process..... now that's wishful thinking!

Monday, 21 November 2011

Goodbye November

I'm sorry I haven't posted this month. Things have been difficult following the anniversary and ive gotten a new puppy which is taking up a lot of my time. My mum allowed me to get her during my darkest days to have something to love and look after. Something to aid my healing. But its only recently i found the perfect pooch! Her name is Willow meaning 'freedom' I hope to be free from these chains one day. Therapy is getting so hard, she's really challenging me and pushing me every session. It takes so much out of me I guess I have no energy left to bare my soul on here. On a positive note I do have a website under construction. I have plans to turn TWOR a.k.a 'the war on rape' into a non-profit business raising awareness on sexual violence and providing support to survivors. It's quite exciting!!

Neglecting my blog is not something I take lightly and I know I need to reach out here more. I promise to try harder, it's just hard to open that locked box of secrets and despair.

Thursday, 27 October 2011

After The Storm

Well my anniversary didn't exactly go to plan, decided i couldn't cope with it and smartly *sarcasm* chose to overdose on sleeping tablets. I spent over 30 hours knocked out in my bed, so technically i didn't have a one year anniversary, it didn't exist and i didn't have to deal with it .... seems to be the story of my life lately! Ignorance is bliss and all that jazz!

The days after have been hard, this week i had a very tough therapy session where she forced me to look forwards and write down 'where i am heading,' something i find very difficult as i don't envision much of a future for me. Being positive and hopeful is something i seem to really avoid. I lack the energy and drive to put effort into trying to heal and therefore it seems like I'm forever standing in the same spot, moving neither forwards nor backwards. Where do you find the drive to heal when you have little worth for your life? What is it exactly I'm supposed to be fighting for? What is it about life that is god damn great??....

... today i saw in my local news a story about a young man in my town jailed for five years for sexually assaulting five girls under the age of sixteen, i read on in the story only to read it's someone I KNOW! Someone i used to hang around with when i was younger, a 'really nice' guy who was very clever with lots of ambition. Apparently he's now a music teacher and it was his students he abused. I feel so physically sick, i keep looking at his mug shot photo, i can't help it! There are a lot of things on my facebook about it at the moment, angry facebook status' which led me to being really upset. Im so pleased that these girls have gotten justice, I'm happy everyone has seen him for the sicko he really is, I'm happy people are calling him out on it on facebook but with that happiness also comes a great deal of personal sadness. Perhaps even a selfish kind of sadness .... that i never got this recognition! 'His' name was never published in the papers, 'his' crime was never shared for the world to see, i never had people sticking up for me and i never had the justice i so wanted and deserved... perhaps this is a selfish thought but i can't help but be overwhelmed with jealousy for those very few people who do get justice, validation and perhaps a sense of closure.

I see a great amount of evil in this world, and my eyes have been opened up to more horrors that you don't hear about in the news, the more 'silent' world of sexual and domestic abuse...

Why would i want to live in a world this cruel?