Friday, 23 September 2011



You didn't hide behind the closet
Never concealed yourself in the shadows
Hiding your truth in plain sight
Utilising your mask well, obscuring the monstrosity of your very nature
Left no one questioning, Clever little monster

Your evil soul lurked in the depths
Your kind smile deceiving well
The verbal vomit of your lies
Covering the darkness of your truth
Naive girl, how was I to tell?

Upon completion of your web
You knew you had me trapped
Those poisoned lips infected me
Planting memories inside my head
Lying wounded, slowly dying on your bed

You fed the monster that lives within you
It was I who was your prey
An unlikely weapon destroyed me
Forever fearful of mans capabilities
Life affected until the end

Hunger satisfied you buried the monster
How long down there would It stay?
Your angelic face returned
To pledge it's eternal woe
Claiming not to be the monster I had now come to know

Your venom coursed through my veins 
Destroying all sanity and intelligence
For a time the misty haze swarming my brain denied me of the truth
Clarity intact, your venom now grants me the gift of seeing the hidden monster
The monster who ate me alive but refused to swallow.

Keeping me alive, was your greatest evil.

Written today on my eleven month anniversary. Copyrighted