Friday, 24 June 2011


So I got a reply from the CPS who sent me 2 measly paragraphs of text not even acknowledging anything I wrote after I poured my heart and soul into that letter and was very hard to write! They infuriate me! All they said was sorry for not contacting me and that no one had been in touch with them since April, which is a lie because both my detective and my ISVA have been chasing it up.

Anyway they have finally offered me these dates for my meeting which I'm hoping my detective and ISVA will come for support. I just can't believe they could dismiss everything I wrote and even lie about having no contact!! Something fishy going on here! Seems like they've been hoping I'll just give up, maybe they know they made a mistake! Makes no difference cause they won't admit that to me! How can these people work in the field that they do when it's so obvious they know nothing about how crime affects it's victims! They seem so heartless.

They better dread their meeting with me cause I'm gonna go all ninja on their asses! Shit is gonna hit the fan.....if I can hold it together....which I highly doubt. Had a panic attack before I even opened the damn letter. Never mind meeting them.

Oh Darwin help me!


  1. I am so sorry!! This is horrible! I agree with you, how can these people work in this field?? I cannot imagine being in your position. I would go off on them like nothing else. Sending support your way!

  2. I'm so sorry to hear this. You must let us know how the meeting goes. :(